Day 147 – Two Harbors to Grand Marais

A shorter day today. I felt good when I set off this morning, and thankfully that lasted all day.

The weather was good and I spent the majority of the first 40 kilometres on a very pretty but quite hilly bike path.

I started to feel the odd twinge in my knee towards the end of the day, but other than that, the ride was really good.

I’m afraid I’ve got to keep this short as I’m writing it on my phone, and it’s about to run out of battery.

Since arriving in Grand Marais, I’ve actually had a really good afternoon/evening; although this is probably due to the fact that I haven’t actually set foot in my tent yet. (I’m camping tonight).

Grand Marais itself is probably my favourite place I’ve stayed in America so far. Largely because I managed to have a decent meal. Other than that, I did a radio interview earlier, but not much has really happened.

I’m feeling good now… But whether I’ll wake up in that state remains to be seen

Distance: 83.8miles / 134.7km
Riding Time: 5:13:11
Av. Speed: 16.1mph / 25.8kph

One Reply to “Day 147 – Two Harbors to Grand Marais”

  1. Tom, this tent business, put it down to character building, let’s face it anybody can cycle 180000 miles, but pitching a tent, that’s another matter, just watch the ants.


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