Day 146 – Grand Rapids to Two Harbors*

15,000 miles! It was nice to hit that earlier. Only 1/6 to go – I should be home in about a month. I’ve still got a lot of cycling to do and a few nights in a tent to endure (primarily tomorrow), but I really am starting to feel like I’m getting close. It’s still not something I want to think about, but ignoring the reality of it is becoming increasingly difficult.

The majority of today was very similar to the last few – boring. The weather has brightened up though which is nice (I don’t think I mentioned that it rained yesterday). After 80 miles or so I reached Duluth, and not long afterwards – Lake Superior – the largest lake in the world! (it’s actually not, but I’m excluding the Caspian Sea because it’s saline and saying I’m on the shore of the second largest lake is far less interesting..)

I’m curious, can I call the edge of a lake the coast? or is ‘shore’ the only suitable name? To be honest, it’s difficult to see it as a lake when looking out towards it.. It is so big and I’m going to be skirting the edge of it for a fair while.

I’m reminded of a time when standing on the edge of Lake Geneva (Lac Léman for any French people), and a mate of mine turns to me and says: “is that bit over there the sea?”…. If you’re reading this, you know who you are, and that remains the stupidest thing you have ever said.. not least because Switzerland is a land-locked country. Regardless, if you had said that whilst on the edge of Lake Superior, it would be a bit more excusable – it really is bloody massive.

Anyway, riding along the coast(?)/shore was much nicer and I’m feeling a bit more enthusiastic about the coming days.. a bit.

Distance: 107.0miles / 172.2km
Riding Time: 7:02:35
Av. Speed: 15.2mph / 24.4kph

*Dear America – Harbors should be spelt Harbours

2 Replies to “Day 146 – Grand Rapids to Two Harbors*”

  1. 15000, 1/6 to go, 5/6 completed, however you look at those figures that’s very impressive, and it’s totally natural that your seeing out the corner of your eye a shimmer of light that’s looking more like semblance of home. I imagine by now you are starting to laugh and grin to yourself as the reality of what you are doing is beginning to sink in. To most folk 3k to go will seem an impossible task, I guess in your world it is small change and getting smaller by the day. I have worked out its going to take me 1125 days to do your total distance, so that’s only a tad over 3 years, assuming I rode everyday, which I don’t, so let’s say nearer 4 years. But in fairness I have been doing my daily ride for four years plus, so what I am saying is I have already done the distance, I just need to work on my pace a little. Enjoy the ride.


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