Day 145 – Bemidji to Grand Rapids

Today has been another uneventful day. The scenery has become a fair bit more interesting but still wasn’t anything that exciting. I’m struggling to think of anything to write about this evening. Whilst a boring day is better than having a spoke break – or something else along those lines, it does make writing a blog a bit more of a chore.

The legs felt good today, so apart from the road surface I didn’t run into much difficulty either. I have now done 25 days consecutive riding which is the most I’ve done on this trip (or indeed any other time) and the days really are beginning to blur together. It’s weird to think back to Europe. I can remember every day, every ride and every meal I had yet now I’m struggling to remember where I was yesterday. I’m not sure why that is; maybe it’s just the monotony, or maybe that first month has scarred me… Either way, it’s too much to think about now, I’m off to bed.

Distance: 105.0miles / 169.0km
Riding Time: 6:47:54
Av. Speed: 15.5mph / 24.9kph

7 Replies to “Day 145 – Bemidji to Grand Rapids”

  1. Tom by the time you get to my age every day is a blur, get used to it. I do recall reading early doors that your trip was intended to be something in the order of 200 days, so I am wondering given how far you have travelled to date, are you planning a couple week vacation in Boston or are you going to surprise us all and declare your swimming the Atlantic on route back to Europe. Enjoy the peace and quiet.


    1. 180 riding days was the target (which I’m a few days ahead of).. 200 was a rough guideline for the total (so including transit and what-not) – think I’ll be about 205 all together…. Maybe I’ll do the swim next time!


  2. A bit of monotony creeping in Tom. Focus on each day and make a point of doing something different. Eg. Worst driver of the day, animal of the day, the biggest redneck (Alex’s suggestion), crazy person of the day, etc. Might make the day go past more quickly. Just saying…


    1. Alex just said you should take a head and shoulder selfie each day so you/we can see how you change over the journey. You may have already been doing this. If not you might have to go round again!! Just joking!


      1. Imagine what it was like for the early pioneers when they were heading west pretty much on the route you are taking but traveling, at best, at maybe 10 miles a day. And because they pissed off a lot of the people who already lived there / they caught nasty bugs or the git run over by their wagons, they ran a good chance of dying on the way. Be careful!


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