Day 144 – Grand Forks to Bemidji

Once again, I woke up this morning feeling more tired than when I had gone to sleep. I actually fell asleep again for about half an hour after eating breakfast (not deliberately). Much like yesterday, I felt a lot better once riding; although this didn’t happen until a fair bit later than I had planned.

The ride today was generally pretty good. I had clear blue skies, a comfortable temperature and a wind that – for the most part – stayed out of my face. Unfortunately though, the road surface was littered with cracks that ran the entire width every ten metres or so for most of the day. They weren’t really big enough to affect a car so no real attempts had been made at fixing them. Unlike potholes, I couldn’t avoid them so I spent much of the day riding over what felt like mini speed bumps.

Other than this, the day passed much quicker than expected and there isn’t really anything to report.

Dinner tonight was really good. I have had a craving for something vaguely healthy and tonight said craving was satisfied. (It tasted good too – it was at Applebee’s for anyone interested)

One last thing, I have found myself getting really cold whenever in a restaurant or somewhere similar. Now either this is me losing fat (although I actually think I’m putting it on) or it’s due the fact that the air-con units are seemingly on full blast. Is this because the average person here is carrying a bit more insulation than say the UK??… (no offence meant by that, it’s just so far, I’ve seen a lot of evidence that backs up that stereotype)

Distance: 114.9miles / 184.9km
Riding Time: 7:12:28
Av. Speed: 15.9mph / 25.6kph

One Reply to “Day 144 – Grand Forks to Bemidji”

  1. It’s obvious why your falling to sleep after breakfast, it’s that feast sized meal your ordering. I recall visiting a Pancake place, a sort of mid morning breakfast, ended up being more like lunch as we waited for over an hour for a table. I had never seen anything like it, the food was fabulous, the helpings unbelievable, god it tasted good, but I can’t imagine it would do my waistline many favours. Still a treat once in a while can’t hurt. Ok back to the real world, porridge and fruit again for me this morning.


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