Day 131 – Othello to Colfax

I spent today riding through the Palouse region – a rather large agricultural portion of the country that provided some stunning scenery. Wheat fields and rolling hills combined with the complete lack of civilisation made for some very surreal riding.

Despite this, I really struggled to get comfortable on the bike this morning and it wasn’t until about 50 miles where I managed to settle down. The wind – whilst not too strong, did not help the situation

Nevertheless, it was quite a nice ride. I don’t think I’m mature enough to describe it in a way that does it justice, so I’ve put a picture on Twitter just in case anyone was desperate.

The other notable point of today was the temperature. Whilst lacking the humidity, it was easily matching India and South East Asia so I’m now very glad I steered clear of the Southern states.

Only other thing to mention is that I saw a beaver today (road kill of course)… and no that is not a euphemism

Distance: 96.2miles / 154.7km
Riding Time: 6:48:02
Av. Speed: 14.1mph / 22.7kph

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