Day 132 – Colfax to Priest River

I’m sorry but this has to be really short. I managed to get an 8 hour sleep last night and I’d really like that to happen again.

Today was similar to yesterday – stunning scenery (until Spokane which came after about 60 miles) and still very hot. Other than that, hitting 13,500 miles total is the only thing to mention. That’s 3 quarters of the way round the world. Feels really good to reach this milestone but it’s becoming increasingly difficult not to think about the end… which is still 4500 miles away.

I’ve now entered Idaho – the state famous for very little except for potatoes as far as I can make out. Less than two weeks riding and I’ll be in Canada…

Distance: 111.3miles / 179.3km
Riding Time: 7:28:45
Av. Speed: 14.9mph / 23.9km

3 Replies to “Day 132 – Colfax to Priest River”

  1. 75% that’s another big one under your belt, appreciate your thinking of light at the end of that tunnel, all I would say is try and remain focused on the here and now and enjoy those elements, no need to wish your life away. Have a good sleep.


  2. Good work Tom! I don’t know how you keep going – amazing focus … The end nears, just a mere 4000 odd miles away! so stay focussed – enjoy and relish every moment – you may miss it (??!!) when it’s over! Ha! hope it cools down a bit.


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