Day 130 – Rimrock Lake to Othello

As per, I’ve left this far too late so I need to be fairly brief..

The majority of the first 50 miles were slightly down hill so it was relatively easy going. The scenery started where yesterday left off, but after not very long, the pine trees ended very abruptly and were replaced by not very much. I spent most of the day riding through what was essentially a desert.

I can’t really get over the temperature difference from a couple of days ago, but it was heading well into the 30’s. Having checked the weather, Othello (where I’m currently staying) is due to hit mid 40’s on the weekend so hopefully I’ll be long gone by then. (I’m using centigrade for any Americans out there wondering where on earth I’m getting these numbers from.)

I think today was the first time I needed/remembered to put suncream on since Singapore and my tan lines have become even more pronounced just from today.

The wind was behind me until the final third of the ride. I can’t really complain but I’m just hoping it changes back by the morning.

That’s all for now, not yet sure what tomorrow will hold.

Distance: 128.2 miles / 206.2 km
Riding Time: 8:09:26
Av. Speed: 15.7 mph / 25. 3kph

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