Day 119 – Te Kuiti to Miranda

Today ran a fairly similar course to yesterday in terms of length and speed. My knee limited the latter for the first half of the ride which was a bit frustrating as it felt like a backwards step in what, I thought, was becoming a good recovery.

The scenery today was rather nice and very similar to England (including the weather), just with slightly bigger hills.

Last day in New Zealand tomorrow but I’m afraid I still need my sleep. This evening held a very relaxing massage and then a very mediocre meal in a very empty pub.

One exciting thing from today was ordering lunch from a woman with a parrot on her shoulder…

Distance: 102.2 miles / 164.3 km
Riding Time: 7:28:23
Av. Speed: 13.7 mph / 22.0 kph

4 Replies to “Day 119 – Te Kuiti to Miranda”

  1. Lunch Parrot Shoulder, all sounds very interesting, perhaps a photo might explain all. Enjoy your last day of NZ, summer has arrived back in NE UK it’s a balmy 13 degrees and clear blue skies.


    1. Photo opportunity wasn’t really on Fraser, and if you had seen where we were ‘lunching’ you would understand why. Not sure getting an iPhone out would have been a great idea!
      Whilst I’m here, I should say it’s been fantastic spending time with Thomas. I’m in awe at what he is doing day in, day out. It really is quite something when you see what he’s going through each day. That said, his personal hygiene does leave a bit to be desired sometimes. As he said to me this morning as he left: ‘but I never wash my helmet’!! ‘nough said.


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