Day 120 – Miranda to Auckland – End of Leg 6

Ok, I’m afraid I’m not going to do much of an update tonight. I had a really nice ride into Auckland today, and it’s been a very positive note to finish New Zealand on. I may or may not do a more comprehensive summary of the whole leg; but I’m not yet sure as it wasn’t exactly very long.

I’ve also come to the realisation that I have not ridden more than 8 consecutive days since Adelaide, so the fact that I feel as tired as I do is a bit baffling. Regardless, I now have a few days off – although I’m not sure exactly how many as the time difference is really going to mess with my head.

Distance: 59.5 miles / 95.6 km
Riding Time: 4:28:38
Av. Speed: 13.3 mph / 21.3 kph

3 Replies to “Day 120 – Miranda to Auckland – End of Leg 6”

  1. Well done on completing another leg. Not sure yet of your route up the west of USA. If we can help out along that stretch then great, I sent your dad some info that may be of assistance. Enjoy your few days off, recharge, relax and refresh the body and mind, reckon you have earned it.


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