Day 118 – New Plymouth to Te Kuiti

It turns out I hit 12,000 miles at the end of yesterday and I didn’t realise until this morning. (That’s two thirds of 18,000 for those not so mathematically gifted). I think reaching this milestone has had an even bigger mental effect than reaching halfway. The end suddenly feels much closer than it should. After Auckland, I only have 2 legs left (US and Europe) and I think that’s making it sound easier than it is. I’m close to finishing New Zealand, but I still think that’s a mental state I need to stay away from as the reality of 6000 miles will no doubt catch back up soon.

Today has been good in general. My legs showed glimpses of yesterday’s form but were pretty much turning over at their normal pace. The scenery today was rather good though, so the hills and lack of speed didn’t bother me that much.

We’re now staying in Te Kuiti which is apparently the sheep-shearing capital of the world!… At least I think they said shearing…

Anyway, if you ever find yourself in this area, the Huhu Cafe/Restaurant near the Waitomo caves is really quite good.

Distance: 101.8 miles / 163.8 km
Riding Time: 7:26:20
Av. Speed: 13.7 mph / 22.0 kph

One Reply to “Day 118 – New Plymouth to Te Kuiti”

  1. 2/3rds like you say, mentality and physically that’s a massive milestone. 50% is damn good, but now your starting to smell the home leg, well a whiff of it at any rate.


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