Day 111 – Aratula to Brisbane

Today was good and I’m going to keep this short. The weather was good, I’ve had my knee diagnosed and my bike has received some much needed attention.

I’m flying to Dunedin tomorrow and hoping to begin riding the day after so everything seems a bit rushed. I will aim to do a more comprehensive update tomorrow but I make no promises.

I basically just have a few thank you’s which I need to address:

Firstly, Peter. Thank you for joining me on the ride today. Always good to have company and the route into Brisbane was far better than the one I would have taken;

Ben at Hola Cycles. Thoroughly recommend this bike shop to anyone around Brisbane. Unparalleled service and the next leg could have been a bit dodgy if I hadn’t gone in for a last minute service. The source of the creaking (that I mentioned a few days ago) was a very worn bottom bracket;

Micheal and Jo Dalgleish have taken a look at my knee and probably saved the rest of this trip. Whilst not yet enough to stop me from riding, it has become clear that it won’t get better on its own so the advice has been invaluable;

Lastly (and definitely not least), Dom, Sarah and all the boys for providing a bed, riding into Brisbane with me, carting me round and organising what has been a fairly busy but extremely necessary afternoon. Thank you so much for the hospitality (and the roast dinner!).

Today has ended up being quite an important day for both bike and body. My Dad is joining me for the NZ leg so I’m looking forward to seeing him in the morning. Apart from my knee, I feel good and excited to move on.

Distance: 54.77 miles / 88.1 km
Riding Time: 3:59:58
Av. Speed: 13.7 mph / 22.0 kph

5 Replies to “Day 111 – Aratula to Brisbane”

  1. Congratulations on completing the Australian leg Tom- it sounded very tough in parts so really fantastic effort. Good luck with the next stage- New Zealand will be beautiful- even with your Dad there! Meanwhile we’re loving the blogs!


  2. Great that your Dad is coming for the NZ leg, he’s getting loads of great holidays from this!! NZ is great, sure you’ll enjoy it. Take your own advice from Australia and stick to the coast as it is hilly in the middle. And watch out for the sheep!!


  3. Oz done – amazing! The Aussies will surely not have minded a bit of a joke – I’ve never met an Aussie who doesn’t enjoy a good lighthearted dig at a Pom! I know you have to watch where you are going, but try and look up occasionally in NZ for that stunning scenery. Having your Dad along will be a treat (I think?!!) – no panniers! yeay! And of course his wonderful company… Say hi to the whales in Kaikoura if you are lucky enough to spot one….

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  4. Well done Tom. Australia will be sad to see you go – well I’ll miss you talking about all things familiar to me at least! Enjoy NZ, ‘where the men are men and the sheep are nervous’!


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