Day 94 – Murray Bridge to Keith

As I mentioned yesterday, I am no longer on my own. The lack of panniers and the extra company has made today rather pleasant, despite the unpleasant weather.

The ride was not without its frustrations though. I got the first puncture I’ve had in over 3000 miles. It’s hard to describe the level of despair that washes over me when this happens. Granted it isn’t as bad as a broken gear cable or spoke, but I still rode along in denial for a few hundred metres, refusing to accept the fact that my tyre was leaking air.

Given that I was on for a very early finish, and that it’s actually not too much trouble to fix, it really didn’t matter that much.

Getting another puncture half an hour later annoyed me slightly more. Although I had inspected the tyre, I had failed to notice the sharp metal splinter that had caused the first puncture. It seems the second was also due to the same piece of metal.

Apart from that, the day was pretty good. When it comes to this evening; well, I have just woken from a two-hour slumber after I fell asleep writing this…

Distance: 95.6 miles / 153.9km
Riding Time: 5:57:39
Av. Speed: 16.0 mph / 25.8kph

5 Replies to “Day 94 – Murray Bridge to Keith”

  1. How can somewhere be called Keith (asks Neil Keith Newman). Was it born in the 60’s? Trying to find the answer I looked on line and about the only interesting thing I read about Keith (the town) is that “A Land Rover sits a top a pole in a historical landmark in the town”. Which begs the second question: Why?


    1. Originally called Mount Monster(!) in 1874, the town which grew around a railway siding was renamed Keith in 1904, after the eldest son of Sir Lancelot Stirling, presumably because it is in the County of Stirling. A friend of mine has written a cute romantic poem about Clare & Keith, and Laura, all SA towns.


  2. Mechanical issues, it’s been in the back of my mind Tom about the seemingly lack of issues regarding your bike setup and I have avoided asking the question for fear of bringing you any bad luck. Well two punctures from the same offender, let’s be honest we have all fallen foul of that one, and most of us if we were truly honest would say not just on one occasion. You and your bike seem to be holding it together incredibly well, let’s keep our fingers and toes crossed the same good fortune carries you through the 2nd half of your journey.


    1. Come on Thomas, time for another plug for the bike and the boys who set it up!
      Another comment was going to follow but held back because of the audience!


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