Day 95 – Keith to Penola

Riding into Keith yesterday, the sign that listed tourist attractions mentioned – ‘Land Rover on a Pole’. If anyone happened to research Keith (the place), you may have come across a similar thing. I’ll admit, I didn’t actually see it, but I have seen pictures so if anyone was wondering – it is pretty much just a car on a reinforced stick. I have no idea what the significance of it is though (if there is any at all). I also found a website that listed it amongst ‘Australia’s worst tourist attractions’… So I’m not overly bothered about missing it.

The ride today was a bit wet and more than a bit windy. The rain didn’t bother me too much but the wind (predictably) blew in most directions except the right one. Despite that, I still made reasonable progress and I found it a lot more bearable than across the Nullarbor.

Lunch today was probably the biggest mid-ride meal I’ve had since Europe and was quite a nice way to break up the day. Admittedly I didn’t feel quite so agile for the final stretch of the ride but it provided enough energy to last the remainder of the day.

I started to enter wine country for the final 50 kilometres or so and the large vineyards were actually quite easy on the eyes. I’m not overly knowledgeable when it comes to wines, nor am I about to become so, but I gather that this would be a good area to explore if I was.

This evening has been very enjoyable and dinner tonight offered my first taste of Kangaroo (it’s good, if anyone is wondering), though unfortunately the crocodile starter was unavailable. Not sure if that’s a shortage of crocs or a shortage of people that are able to catch them, but either way, they didn’t have it.

Distance: 98.0 miles / 157.7 km
Riding Time: 6:52:44
Av. Speed: 14.3 mph / 22.9 kph

3 Replies to “Day 95 – Keith to Penola”

  1. That breakfast looks a bit good, think I need to work on my nutritional values and cut down on the bacon, eggs and black pudding.


  2. Definitely more people who want to eat croc than crocs available to be eaten, probably due to having to truck them in 3,000 kms from the Top End. Personally I’m glad they don’t have croc farms among the vines.


  3. Your doing fantastic Thomas, I look forward to your daily blog. I heard from Julian and Sarah the other day and they really enjoyed your visit. I keep showing of to all my friends about your amazing journey. Keep it up. John


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