Day 93 – Adelaide to Murray Bridge

At the end of this trip I’m heading off to university where I’m told I may actually have to do a bit of work. Now, if that’s the case, I hope I manage to be slightly more efficient than I am right now because if these blog updates are anything to go by, I could be a bit stuck.

Anyway, as I mentioned before, I had a day off yesterday which was very restful and I owe a huge thank you to Julian and Sarah who managed to put up with me for over 36 hours, which considering I’ve had relatively little human contact recently is not to be sniffed at.

I also went to a physio and whilst my knee still hurts a bit, it should be on the mend and it seems as if lasting damage isn’t really going to be an issue… So basically the answer is to stretch more, and in the meantime just harden up a bit.

Today was slightly shorter and a bit wet but really good. Riding with other people for the first time since Perth was a really nice change and to be honest it felt as if I was just going for a normal ride, rather than continuing around the world. So another thank you to all those who joined me despite the weather. I’m very grateful for the commitment especially considering it was one of the few rainy days of the year and, unlike London, you wouldn’t have to wait long for the blue skies to return.

Despite the weather, it was easy to imagine some of the stunning cycling routes that surround Adelaide and I think it could definitely be a place to visit again some time in the future.

I’m now staying at Murray Bridge, which unsurprisingly lies on the Murray River. Despite being advised to do so, I didn’t get a chance for a swim; unfortunately I left my wetsuit back in London so that’s my excuse.

I’ve now met up with some family members who will be joining me until I reach Bairnsdale (just after Melbourne) in what should be about a week’s time.

Other than my knee, my body is holding up pretty well so that’s good. And to be honest, now that the problem has more or less been diagnosed, it’s more annoying than worrying.

Well done to the Strictly team guys who rode today in London.  And lastly, if any of you happen to follow cycling, the Giro d’Italia started yesterday with a time trial that went along a cycle path that I rode along on day 9 of this trip. So that’s exciting isn’t it!

Distance: 49.15 miles / 79.0 km
Riding Time: 3:19:54
Av. Speed: 14.8 mph / 23.6 kph

3 Replies to “Day 93 – Adelaide to Murray Bridge”

  1. Hey up Tom, you had me locked out the last few days, but your mum now has me back on access. Very bizarre that your mum and dad are likely younger than me, omg how old am I, don’t answer that. I was out early this morning doing my usual bike ride and some whipper snapper probably more your age and weight came alongside and kicked my arse. I hung on his butt for a couple of miles, then he mentioned that he now undertook a sprint back into shields, at which point I explained I was twice his age, twice the weight of bike, so sod off and let me do my own pace, he laughed and sped off, little —-‘ that’s for your mums benefit.

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  2. just done the first leg of my own trip in Oz Tom and your earlier blogs have proved very useful – descriptions of headwinds numb bums and ‘roo roadkill have proved not only entertaining but VERY accurate … albeit i have done 300miles today on a bike with an engine there is basically no difference… pleased to hear that you are still enjoying life before Uni

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