Day 92 – Clare to Adelaide

I’m sorry but once again I don’t really have time to write anything significant. I’ve arrived in Adelaide after a fairly wet day and am currently struggling to keep my eyes open.

I have a day off tomorrow and I may or may not be posting a blog. Hopefully I’ll get back on top of the whole thing when I resume riding on Sunday.

Seeing as this update offers little in the way of quality or quantity, you may find you have time to listen to a radio interview I did which is available on iTunes… Unfortunately I have no clue which radio station it was nor where to find it. But anyway, I’m told it’s there!

Distance: 87.6 miles / 140.9 km
Riding Time: 6:04:49
Av. Speed: 14.4 mph / 23.1 kph

3 Replies to “Day 92 – Clare to Adelaide”

  1. No need to apologise, as long as you are safe & well that’s the main thing. Wish I was more techno capable as I would liked to have heard your radio interview, but I can’t find it. Get a good nights sleep and enjoy your rest day


  2. Looks like I can’t even enter comments without messing it up. So will try again, main thing is you are safe and well, so no need to apologise for brief synopsis. I tried to find your radio interview but without success, again it’s likely my inability with all things web, I am sure others will find it. Get a good nights sleep, relax and switch off tomorrow and enjoy your extremely well earned day off. Cheers Fraser


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