Day 91 – Port Augusta to Clare

I need to start by saying a massive thank you to Helen, Will, Olivia and John for putting up with me at dinner. I’m blown away by the generosity and have had a brilliant evening.

For everyone else: this has to be a short one as I’m later than normal. The ride itself wasn’t all that great. I was rained on for the first time in a while and the wind returned to blowing into my face. My knee is also not at 100% so having Saturday off is looking like a better idea every day.

The day has finished on a high though, after being invited to dinner whilst nearing the end of my ride. Really friendly people and a very good meal as well.

Apologies for the lack of humour – or anything very interesting. I’m currently struggling to think of anything other than bed.

Distance: 118.3 miles / 190.8 km
Riding Time: 9:09:12
Av. Speed: 12.9 mph / 20.8 kph

One Reply to “Day 91 – Port Augusta to Clare”

  1. Hi Tom, it was great to meet you & I am very glad you could spent some time with us. I hope you have had a good rest day in Adelaide & the ride today goes well. If your parents email me direct, I’ll line up a bit of friendly hospitality between Melb & Sydney. That’s my old stamping ground.


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