Day 90 – Cowell to Port Augusta

I have come to the conclusion that Australia is too big. There’s a lot of not-very-much for very long stretches and it makes writing about the day’s events a rather difficult task. Well, difficult to make it interesting anyway.

The ride today was, on the whole, pretty boring; except for the morning being slightly marred by knee pain which I really could’ve done without.

I did take some joy in watching a 20-metre long truck attempting a U-turn on a road which was far too narrow. It ended up being close to a 20-point turn but to be fair, the guy did pull it off. The only casualty being an unsuspecting reflective post marking the roadside.

A radio interview halfway through the day made quite a nice distraction from having very little to look at. It’s not something I would’ve expected to be doing midway through a ride.  Apparently this will be on tomorrow morning’s breakfast show with Deane Williams on 639 ABC North and West after 7.00am.

I’m now in Port Augusta which is affectionately known by a slightly different name to many Australians… However I won’t go into that as I’m told it could spark a bit of a debate and will not endear me to the locals. Instead, I shall just say that the owners of the Poinsettia Motel are very friendly.

Assuming nothing goes drastically wrong, I’ll be arriving in Adelaide a day earlier than planned so have now decided that a day off might be quite nice. I don’t necessarily need the break, but it’ll be nice to return to some sort of normality for 24 hours. Plus the source of my knee pain has me somewhat perplexed and it would be nice if I could sort that.

Distance: 111.6 miles / 179.5 km
Riding Time: 7:32:30
Av. Speed: 14.8 mph / 23.8 kph

3 Replies to “Day 90 – Cowell to Port Augusta”

  1. Just think Tom you will be able to stay up late and watch the votes unravel, or should that be get up early and watch. Adelaide, that’s a massive stretch you have undertaken, I doubt very much it is really sinking in with you just how remarkable the task and achievement to date. For sure your body and mind will be telling you that on a daily basis, but your in the zone here and now, whereas we are all looking at it from a great distance, and it’s massive. Bloody well done getting this far and continued good luck.


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