Day 66 – Tamot (Thailand) to Alor Setar (Malaysia)

Another country ticked off, I have now made my way into Malaysia… The problem with this is that I have lost an hour on time difference, so I’m setting a new record with how late I’m writing this. I think I’m currently due to be getting about 5 and a half hours sleep so please forgive me if this seems rushed – it is. In fact I may just bullet-point the rest of this as I can’t be bothered with fancy paragraph openings right now.

– First 90km: very little happened, but I felt good and the distance passed quickly and easily

– Then: I met another guy cycle touring. Markus (if you’re reading), really enjoyed riding with you, hope the rest of your trip goes well.
For those that weren’t there: That’s the first guy on a bike I’ve met that was going the same way as me and we rode together for about 10km to the Thai border

-Thai border: very civilised compared to the crossing from Burma but still took a while to get through

-Rest of ride: much like the morning – decent pace, and fairly enjoyable

When it comes to this evening, as I’ve mentioned I’m a bit late but it hasn’t all been bad. My room is perfectly functional and I had a very good dinner. I also have a breakfast of dates and doughnuts to look forward to. (Is ‘donuts’ an American spelling? Because if not I shall use that in future – it’s easier)

I’m sorry for the significant drop in my literary skills over the last few days. Maybe some monkeys will pickpocket me tomorrow and I’ll be able to talk about something interesting. Anyway, all support is still very much appreciated so ta very much for that.

Distance: 118.04miles / 189.9km
Riding Time: 7:42:15
Av. Speed: 15.3mph / 24.6kph

2 Replies to “Day 66 – Tamot (Thailand) to Alor Setar (Malaysia)”

  1. Ah Tom, now you are talking, Many many fond memories of my backpacking down the East coast of Malaysia, stopping off at Tioman Island. We weren’t exactly what you call backpacker savvy, we were the ones wearing ironed shorts, clean T shirts, probably white socks, my god what folk must have thought, but brilliant experience all the same, recall it all like yesterday, where did the last 30 years go. Enjoy it, you lucky guy.


  2. Backpacking for me too, I remember Tioman Island well. Logistical question for you Tom – how do you keep your phone/tablet charged? Do you have an army of adapters for the worldwide range of sockets? Or do you have something solar or that you charge on your bike? You must rely on charge to write your blogs and keep track of your stats, but having been in France for 3 days now, I’m finding it a drag already!!


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