Day 65 – Somewhere in Thailand to Tamot

Today was very similar to yesterday. It was hot, not much happened and I’m now staying in another very basic place.

When the days are this uneventful, the hours pass fairly quickly. The miles blur together from the start and my brain activity hits very close to zero.

Now the downside is that I have nothing to write about; and because I put up such a lengthy description of the scenery, culture and such-like yesterday, I have left myself with little else to mention.

One thing to discuss though is tan lines. Despite having had five days to even them up, mine are looking crisper than ever – not yet bordering on socially unacceptable but they’ll get there eventually.

Now, for anyone who has recently taken up cycling and is feeling a bit self-conscious due to their tan lines; you have two options when it comes to concealing them (both of which are pointless)

-Firstly, you can attempt to wear clothing that will cover said marks when in social settings. Although this could lead to you looking even stranger – especially if you happen to find yourself at a pool-party

-Or secondly, you can wear baggy clothing whilst cycling. However, unless you are riding through a country where tight clothing could attract even more unwanted attention (such as India), you should disregard this notion in its entirety on the basis that lycra is the way forward for various reasons which may or may not matter.

Anyway, now that I’ve shared that bit of wisdom, I’m off to bed. I had to use my brain to think of something to write about this evening and it has exhausted me..

Distance: 112.31miles / 180.7km
Riding Time: 7:30:58
Av. Speed: 14.9mph / 24.0kph

2 Replies to “Day 65 – Somewhere in Thailand to Tamot”

  1. I was going to say that’s how Henry gets all his women, so rock them….If nothing they’re a conversation starter x


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