Day 67 – Alor Setar to Belum Rainforest

Today has finished very well, which I wouldn’t have expected when I got up this morning. My legs were a bit stiff and the dates I’d bought weren’t actually very nice. I didn’t feel all that great when I started riding either. My arse was really painful and I couldn’t get comfortable on the bike.

Malaysia is noticeably different to Thailand. Despite not being that far away, it has instantly become more tropical looking. Palm oil plantations lined much of the route today and I think rain may start to become a lot more frequent.

The first 110 kilometres were not overly enjoyable what with the rather unavoidable pain in my posterior. However after that, the road went uphill and the second half of the day felt like a different ride.

There were two climbs today, both of which were hard but enjoyable and both offered some very nice scenery. It was a nice change from the monotony of the flat main roads in Thailand and whilst it led to a late finish, I ended the day in high spirits.

In other news, I have come across a few snakes and I think I’ve probably passed quite a few other interesting creatures. Unfortunately I spent much of the day looking where I was going so I haven’t got any exciting photos yet. Although to be honest you can just have a browse on Google images if you’re that desperate.

Distance: 117.27 miles / 188.7 km
Riding Time: 8:26:06
Av. Speed: 13.9mph / 22.4kph

2 Replies to “Day 67 – Alor Setar to Belum Rainforest”

  1. Get out of it Tom, google images don’t count, I like to see you in the thick of it all, besides for all we know you could be sat at home doing all this as a virtual sort of cycle round the world, there’s a thought. Look forward to seeing your snaps, but keep your eyes on the road and mind how you go.


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