Day 64 – Lang Suan to somewhere slightly south of Khao Niphan

The ride today was fairly uneventful. Once again it was seriously hot but I managed it a bit better than yesterday. I hit 10,000km very early on, but other than that, I don’t have much to mention.

My room tonight largely resembles a garage and apart from having air-con, I would’ve rather camped outside a 7-eleven. Speaking of which, 7-elevens have been a great source of food throughout Thailand and today I discovered their cheese and ham toastie. Granted it’s not Michelin standard, but it definitely put me in lighter spirits.

Seeing as I have nothing else to mention, it’s probably an appropriate time to talk about the scenery or the weather or something else equally riveting. So here goes…

The scenery:
I’ve been on pretty much the same road for a lot of miles and the surrounding land is fairly boring. That is unless you happen to have a strange love of trees.

The weather:
Bloody hot.

Food tonight featured some rice, some marine wildlife, some meat which may or may not have been pork and an egg.

That’s about it from me I’m afraid, I’m on for an early night.

Distance: 107.5miles / 173km
Riding Time: 7:03:27
Av. Speed: 15.3mph / 24.6kph

3 Replies to “Day 64 – Lang Suan to somewhere slightly south of Khao Niphan”

  1. Tom the heat is clearly affecting your literary style! Still going well and lots more to look forward to. How is the tan coming on?


  2. Well Tom we reached the giddy heights of 14 degrees today, BBQ the salmon how sad are we, still it was a good excuse to drown a couple of beers. Well done on reaching your 10k, that’s some achievement.


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