Day 63 – Bang Saphan to Lang Suan

Nothing really happened for the first half of today. As per usual, I’ve left this far too late to write so I’ll be brief.

After about 90km, whilst taking a break, I met another couple who were also cycle touring. Matt and Casey, if you’re reading this, it was really good to meet you and I hope the rest of your trip goes well.

After setting off again the heat began to take its toll. I stopped 40 kilometres later and felt progressively worse. I managed to eat a fair bit but I still didn’t get going again for almost and hour and a half. Once I did, I felt no better and pulled in for another stop shortly after. I bought a litre of cold water and emptied it over my head. Now whether that actually solved the problem or whether the cold just gave my body a massive shock I’m not sure, but I felt much better for it.

I had a bit of a mixed ride today, I would’ve liked to make it a bit further but after last night’s difficulties, I didn’t want to risk riding past a perfectly functional room. I have had a bit of a breakthrough with the dogs though. I came up with the genius idea of squirting them in the face with water if they chase me. It actually worked on the one dog I tried it on – the stupid thing tripped over its front legs which amused me.

Anyway, this evening has been good – much better than yesterday – however I have stayed up later to follow the Tour of Flanders and my mood is rapidly deteriorating along with the amount of sleep I have ahead of me.

Despite a few struggles, and the tone of this blog, I am actually feeling good… although I’ve finished the day with my odometer (total distance) on 9998km; and that is more than a bit irritating

Distance: 100.78miles / 162.1km
Riding Time: 6:38:03
Av. Speed: 15.2mph / 24.4kph

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