Day 62 – Hua Hin to Bang Saphan

I know I haven’t posted in days but I’m afraid this will probably still be a short one.

The last five days with my family have been great. There was also a very good bike shop in town (Hua Hin Bikes). All problems have been fixed and it has been given a proper service. Other things of note; my sister apparently became an adult, and I have learned that riding an elephant is a very impractical way to get around. Other than that, I haven’t done much that I can think to write about right now.

I know I didn’t do a summary of the previous leg; that is mostly because I couldn’t be bothered but I’ll probably do one for both legs when I get to Singapore.

When it comes to today, leaving family is yet to become easy. Once riding though I felt good, albeit a bit bloated due to a very large breakfast.

Today was hot and not that much really happened apart from suffering from a few stomach problems. I won’t elaborate but I managed to find a toilet in time so crisis was averted

My accommodation tonight is awful. Going from luxury (we stayed at the Dusit Thani Hotel at Hua Hin, which was brilliant)  to this has been a bit of a shock but I could have put up with a functional room. All I really needed this evening was good food and a working toilet, I have neither.

Despite the rest, today has instantly become hard again. Hopefully tomorrow will be different. Oh by the way, this post will be a bit late as once again my parents are currently on a plane and I have no internet… And apologies for the lack of enthusiasm

Distance: 112.6miles / 181.2km
Riding Time: 7:21:04
Av. Speed: 15.3mph / 24.7kph

2 Replies to “Day 62 – Hua Hin to Bang Saphan”

  1. Morning Tom, happy easter, good to hear your back in the saddle. Plenty bottled water should help flush you out, your family reunion will have been a positive destraction from your routine, now back to business as they say.


  2. Keep your chin up! A functioning lavy isn’t everything…or maybe it is! Doing brilliantly aided by your stalwart bloggers of course 😉. Glad the family visit was good and all best of luck for next leg xx


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