Goodbye Europe!

So this is well and truly the end of leg 1. I suspect India will be different in almost every way. This leg took in 10 countries and around 2500 miles. Leg 2 is a similar distance but all in the same country… It turns out India is quite big.

With regards to my daily blog; I have absolutely no idea how often I’ll be able to update it. I’ve read a couple of other people’s who do weekly ones and quite frankly I find them too long and boring to read – let alone write. Because of this, I will continue to write a daily one, although I may not be able to upload them every day. So you could get two at a time. Just a heads up.

When it comes to photos, lots of people have been asking me to put some on here. They are finally up! There aren’t loads but the ones I thought were worth uploading can now be found under the tab labelled ‘pictures’… hopefully it’s fairly self-explanatory

As for the last couple of days, they’ve been pretty good. I became a tourist for the first time yesterday and went to see some of the sights of Istanbul. Unfortunately the Grand Bazaar was closed because it was Sunday, but the spice bazaar was still pretty impressive. I’ve also enjoyed sampling some of the Turkish food… well quite a lot of it actually.

I’ve been warned about about pretty much everything in India, so I think nervous and excited sums up how I’m feeling. I’ve now had two days off and I’m feeling eager to get back on the bike. I will have a day or two in Mumbai though, it would be a bit of a waste to rush off.

The pictures I’ve uploaded probably make it look as if I had quite a lot of sun on this leg.. believe me that wasn’t the case so I feel I need to say a big thank you to Showers Pass for keeping me warm and dry. It’s a shame I didn’t have gloves or shoes made by them… regardless, if you’re a cyclist in need of some wet weather gear, I thoroughly recommend them.

Lastly a note to everyone who has donated already. I can’t express how much it means to have so many people invest in my endeavours and I’m sorry that I most likely haven’t been able to personally reply to you. Please do know that I receive an email for every donation, and if you have donated, it probably gave me a much need boost on a very cold day. It makes such a difference to the charities as well and all three are so grateful to everyone!

P.S: I had a Turkish shave today with a cut-throat razor so that was a first and I’m looking 16 years old again. Thanks everyone, see you in India!

9 Replies to “Goodbye Europe!”

  1. Well done Thomas. Sounds like you had a much needed break. Good luck with everything India throws at you (good and less good!) – meanwhile very much enjoying your brilliant blog.


  2. Not arf! Well done and good luck in India; you must seek-out a Massala Dosa. Sounds like the Turkish razors haven’t been upgraded since your Dad and I had one in Fetiye in 1986!


    1. Remember it well Beaz, and the extras! How is your back these days?? Had my ears plucked (think that’s the right word) today, which is a first.


  3. Have a great flight Tom, best of luck on your next leg, and thanks for the feedback regarding the gear. We just completed a great 4 days at the London Excel, the gear seemed well received, only downside was that the van got stolen last night whilst we were preparing to dismantle the exhibition stand, sometime between 5.30 & 6.30 last night, virtually under our noses and plenty of people and vans coming and going, incredible what these people will do, thankfully we had not yet begun to load the van, so in effect they got away with nothing other than a Ford Transit. The Metropolitan Police did not seem overly optimistic on getting the van back, hey ho, such is life, Cheers.


  4. Dear Tom,

    I am sure you will have a wonderful time in India and meet lots of really nice, interesting people!

    I’m afraid I have had an Injunction Order placed against me and I am no longer allowed within 12 miles of Clapham. This is a massive problem for me because I only live 3 miles away!
    It also means I can no longer go to work. So it’s not all bad…

    FYI – I am now living at Starbucks in Hooley by the M23. 13.1 miles from Clapham.

    Lots of love,
    Nobby No-Mates x


  5. Dear Tom, I did send a message on the 17th but it seems to have disappeared, Yes India is very, very large and very different to anything you have yet seen. One or two points I was trying to make to you,when being greeted by someone they put their hands together (as though praying) but down towards the chest this is their greeting to you, you will do likewise, this is an acknowledgement and acceptance from you. This is a Hindu greeting India being predominantly Hindu. Then there are cows,millions of them, they are SACRED and can go any where at any moment. Others on this Continent avoid treading on any living creature which causes sometimes a curious walking but not in a straight line, ant avoidance!! I hope you will not require it but, if you are unwell you will see a Green Cross illuminated sign for a Pharmacy. In India the medical treatment is Homeopathic, Locally known as AYA Veda ( that is my colloquial translation) if you say it like that they would know what you meant. In any case the Pharmacists almost always speak English, I have had the benefit of their treatment. One other thing you will be surrounded by little children, be careful they can be very curious and want to touch things!! One thing above all they desire is a PEN (Bics) . so be careful if you have anything that looks like a pen, keep it hidden. We don’t envy the hard cycling but can visualise some of the streets and scenes you will see. One other sight, and I mean that, if you see someone walking dressed just in a Dhoti (could look like a large nappy) Head covered and nothing else, there is a sect Janes (sounds like) who own NOTHING and are fed by people as they go along, You will find yourself looking at things quite differently after India. Keep safe, Love from Grandma & Granddad


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