Mumbai and Day 27

Where to begin?  As I’m sure you have noticed, I haven’t written anything since my arrival in India.  This is partly due to the fact that I have been busy, and partly because I don’t really know where to start.  It quickly became clear that people here are the most hospitable of any I have ever come across.  Over the two days I spent in Mumbai I have been completely spoilt – Fereshte and Mosin, particularly – if you happen to be reading this, thank you so much for everything, it was wonderful.

I have been shown around the city and had every need catered for.  I have also had a relatively gentle introduction to Indian culture – for which I am very grateful.  Even so, it has still been a pretty big shock and I will probably only manage to adjust to it as I am about to leave.  I have eaten some pretty amazing food already and thankfully my stomach is just about holding out.

Mumbai has been incredible to see but I don’t have time to try to put everything into words, and even if I did, I wouldn’t do it justice.  I will say that it’s well worth a visit if you are planning a trip to India (which I would recommend).

As for today, I had to take a ferry out of Mumbai this morning as cycling out of the city wasn’t a good option.  This meant that I did not start cycling until just before 10.00am so I was never aiming to hit 100 miles today.

The first couple of hours were brilliant: I was flying along and loving the warm weather.  The road did deteriorate in places though (predictably) and I ended up getting a puncture.   From there my mood fluctuated, and I am currently feeling a bit stressed – hence why this is not my most interesting post, despite having had probably the three most eventful days of my trip.  This leg could be very hard…or it could be amazing; I had a bit of both today.

On the brighter side, I had thousands of people say hello to me and there were a number of very good views.  It also happens to be a national holiday (I think) and a couple of guys invited me to a game of cricket whilst driving along next to me.  I declined but it was a very nice gesture…I think they probably just wanted a laugh.

In summary, today has been mixed, and my clothes are pretty disgusting already…I am going to be awfully smelly by Kolkata, but hopefully that might keep the mosquitoes away…

Today’s shortened ride:

Distance: 79.91 miles/127.4 km

Riding Time: 5:33:05

Av. Speed: 14.3mph / 23.0 kph

(started off faster – finished slower)

6 Replies to “Mumbai and Day 27”

  1. Great to hear you are back in the saddle Tom, I imagine your trip across India will be life changing for you. I recall landing at an airport on the East coast, can’t even be sure which airport, on route to Australia, back in the 80’s on a backpacking venture. I was just gob smacked by what I saw from the airport never mind the rest of the place. I really must find the time to go and visit, it sounds and looks like an amazing part of the world. Be safe, Cheers Fraser


  2. Good luck in leg 2. Annoying about the puncture but given how far you’ve ride I’m surprised you’ve not had more. Fantastic adventure !


  3. Well done Tom, we are so pleased you got off to a friendly start,it will continue I am sure. Sorry, my previous message was delayed, don’t know why, just the system you know so well. Don’t forget DO NOT eat any UNWASHED fruit or take BOTTLES of WATER WITHOUT A SEAL. Sorry for the repetition it is most important. Thinking of you all the way. Love from Grandma & Granddad XXX


  4. I’m pretty sure the mosquitos don’t like stinky bodies so the more you smell the better I reckon! Is there a world record for quickest time fixing a puncture….you could have that in the bag too if you practice enough!! Ride safe my love xx


  5. Should have kept the beard – beards are cool, they keep you cool and kill mosquitos. Get it growing again!

    Keep at it mate – enjoy cycling in the 36 degrees that India has been enjoying!


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