Day 25 – Nea Peramos to Alexandroupoli

Today was another long one. And after a fairly disappointing breakfast I wasn’t particularly motivated. The wind was in my face on and off all day but almost never behind me. Because of this, it’s been a very similar day to yesterday

I won’t bore you with the same story, instead I’ll talk about something that’s attracted a fair bit of attention since I mentioned it, and that is my facial hair. I’d like to start off by saying that I may have overstepped the mark somewhat in calling it a beard. So if a picture does find it’s way on here… It may be a tad anticlimactic. Regardless, the question of whether or not to shave still stands. I think my parents would prefer that I did… And at the moment I’m with them. I can’t wait until I’m able to show off some pretty outrageous tan lines on my legs, but I’m not overly keen on the idea of it happening to my face as well. I’m also aware that a daily shower may be difficult to come by in India so shaving seems the better option at the moment.

As for my Greek experience, it’s coming to an end tomorrow, so I thought I’d mention that so far, the people here have been the most generous I’ve encountered. I’ve been given free food on three occasions and everyone has been genuinely interested in my trip (the ones that could speak English anyway). The weather has put a bit of a downer on the whole thing unfortunately. I’ve been fighting a headwind pretty much since Venice but only here was I actually unable to ride due to the weather. The drivers have always attempted to be good to me, but they are often pretty rubbish. Furthermore, the greek roundabout system is broken and whilst there are a number of money troubles to fix, I personally think the new Prime Minister should address this issue first… That pretty much sums up how much thought I’m giving to politics right now.

One and a half cycling days to go; looking forward to seeing my Dad tomorrow…

Today’s Struggle:
Distance: 113.57miles / 182.8km
Riding Time: 8:26:35
Av. Speed: 13.5mph / 21.6kph

5 Replies to “Day 25 – Nea Peramos to Alexandroupoli”

  1. Anna likes your “beard” and I thought it was fine when I saw the merest glimpse via Snapchat the other evening, but you are right about the ridiculous tan lines it might create.
    The Greek roundabout system may leave something to be desired, but according to the FCO travel advice, the Turkish standards of driving are abysmal (although they use a more diplomatic word). Take care x


  2. You make a good point about the tan lines….but let’s be honest is the face fluff really that thick?! Safe travels through Turkey xxx


  3. Well done Thomas, good work. Hope you have a great day today. The erudite descriptions of coping with the vicissitudes of your journey make for essential reading, and I look forward to reading the grumpings about spending a weekend in Istanbul with the social headwind that is your father. Go well, Will.

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