Day 24 – Giannitsa to Nea Peramos

Today was a long one.. So setting off at 9 wasn’t really the best start. Regardless, I got going in a good mood and immediately encountered the wind; which today, started off as a crosswind. There are a few reasons why a crosswind is annoying:
1. It’s not behind you
2. One side of your body works a lot harder than the other just to keep the bike straight
3. The left side of my face got a lot colder than the other… Which sent the OCD in me ballistic
This pretty much sums up the first quarter of the day, and whilst it was extremely irritating I still had fairly high spirits.

The second quarter was great. I’m not sure whether it was me or the wind that changed direction, but either way, it started pushing me along for once and the next couple of hours passed easily. The wind then died down a bit after that, which was disappointing. It wasn’t in my face though so I set today’s finishing point, confident I’d make it without trouble.

The wind – of course – had other ideas, and I spent the last 50 kilometres riding into it.

I don’t have much else to say about today. My mood pretty much depended on the direction of the wind so when I arrived at the hotel, I wasn’t overly happy. This was not helped by the fact that the woman on the desk kept me waiting for 15 minutes due to what must have been an urgent phone call.

Anyway, tomorrow is lining up to be another long one but Istanbul is in sight. Looking forward to the Indian weather… although no doubt I’ll complain about that as well!

Longest day so far:
Distance: 116.39miles / 187.3km
Riding Time: 8:13:41
Av. Speed: 14.1mph / 22.7kph

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