‘Rest Day’ – 1 & 2

Hi everyone, sorry for not posting yesterday.. not much really happened so I decided to get an early night.

As for today (Tuesday 27th) I am still in Diano Marina. I had not intended to take another day off but it seems I ate something yesterday that really didn’t agree with me. I’m not going to go into detail but I was up all night ill from about 3am.

Believe me, taking another day off was the last thing I wanted to do and I’m truly sorry I haven’t made anymore progress.

I should be ok tomorrow….

5 Replies to “‘Rest Day’ – 1 & 2”

  1. I told you it was a bad idea to have a day off …
    hope you’re feeling better T and that you can start eating again soon – unlike JP you haven’t got a lot of weight to lose!

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  2. Tom, so sorry to hear your discomfort,it is something I have experienced when abroad, not to be recommended. Time is not important in the long run much more important is for you to feel strong on the bike and comfortable. All good wishes from Grandma & Granddad


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