Day 2 – Caen to Manou

If you follow me on twitter or Facebook, you’ll probably already know today was hard. The weather was awful all day. It didn’t stop raining at all apart from when it snowed.. so that was interesting. As an added bonus, the wind was in my face for 80% of the day as well – hence the extremely slow av. speed.

Set off before sunrise and to be honest for the first couple of hours I was in good spirits despite being completely soaked. My mood quickly changed though and had a serious mental battle for the rest of the day. The inability to find an open restaurant also annoyed me. To be honest not much went my way today. Staying in a nice place now though, so fingers crossed for tomorrow!

Distance: 102.72miles / 165.3km
Riding Time: 7:52:21
Av speed: 13mph / 20.9kph
Av. Temperature: 0.1 degrees and really really wet

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