Day 1 – London to Portsmouth

This is my first blog thingy so I’ll try to keep it clean. I can’t promise it will stay like that when my mood starts to deteriorate though. I don’t have that much to say about today other than thank you. I didn’t expect that many people to come see me off or to ride with me. Big thanks to my Dad and godfather who dragged me the latter 30miles.

It was good just to get going today, I really can’t believe it’s actually happening. I hope it gets a bit warmer for all those in London, I can’t say I’m sorry that in a month I’ll (hopefully) be in India. Oh and happy birthday to my cousin Henry who still came for a ride – much appreciated!

Final thank you to Jane and Johnny of Portsmouth who are providing food and a wash before I go to sleep on a boat

Thanks everyone and have a good weekend!

Todays stats for those that care:
Distance: 78.97miles / 127.1km – England ran out of land, I will be up to 100 tomorrow
Riding time: 5:27:11
Av. Speed: 14.6mph / 23.3kph – I know it was slower than most were used to so thanks to everyone for bearing with me

3 Replies to “Day 1 – London to Portsmouth”

  1. Hey Thomas… I’m absolutely mortified that we could hear commotion next door and outside and we missed you riding off by mere moments! Atticus was in dire need of a specific jacket to wear to see you off and in our costume changes, we missed the big to-do! Regardless – we wish you well and I’ll be sure to keep up with news through the blog and your folks!! May the road rise to meet you…. Jen, Greg, Atticus & Wren 🙂


  2. Tom, good morning, found your message at 8.30am glad you had such a good sendoff and made Portsmouth without problem with couriers. Hope tomorrow goes well look forward to hearing from you. All good wishes,Granddad

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