Day 3 – Manou to Sully-sur-Loire

I think yesterday was probably one of the hardest days I’ve ever had on the bike, so when I woke up this morning and looked outside my window to see snow, I wasn’t exactly rushing to get on my bike. I ended up having a fairly late start, but to be honest it was probably for the best as it gave any ice on the roads a chance to melt. Once I did though I had a gentle tailwind pushing me along nicely. My legs were a bit slow waking up but the first 2 hours flew by despite my shoes still being wet from yesterday.

To be honest, the whole ride pretty much flew by until the last 40km. I somehow managed to get stopped by a set of traffic lights every 200m through Orléans and it took about 30 minutes to cover 5km. Once out of the town I realised I hadn’t eaten enough and what had been a mostly brilliant day, turned into a bit of an ordeal just to tick off the final 30 kilometres… That’s why I’ve had a second dinner, albeit not a very good one.

As for where I’m staying; the hotel owner may not appreciate the smell of damp clothes I’m leaving behind.

Numbers from today:

Distance: 97.23miles / 156.5km

Riding time: 6:08:30

Av. speed: 15.8mph / 25.3kph

Av temperature: -0.1 degree

5 Replies to “Day 3 – Manou to Sully-sur-Loire”

  1. Tom, glad to hear you are taking it responsibly even losing a little time, safety is all. Keep well, Granddad


  2. Wow Tom, at this rate you will be catching up with my friends on route to NZ, they recently sailed across the Caspian Sea, but got delayed with a failed bottom bracket, though after 180 mile detour, bracket now resolved and pedalling onwards. Watch how you go. Cheers Fraser


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