Day 3 – Manou to Sully-sur-Loire

I think yesterday was probably one of the hardest days I’ve ever had on the bike, so when I woke up this morning and looked outside my window to see snow, I wasn’t exactly rushing to get on my bike. I ended up having a fairly late start, but to be honest it was probably for the best as it gave any ice on the roads a chance to melt. Once I did though I had a gentle tailwind pushing me along nicely. My legs were a bit slow waking up but the first 2 hours flew by despite my shoes still being wet from yesterday.

To be honest, the whole ride pretty much flew by until the last 40km. I somehow managed to get stopped by a set of traffic lights every 200m through Orléans and it took about 30 minutes to cover 5km. Once out of the town I realised I hadn’t eaten enough and what had been a mostly brilliant day, turned into a bit of an ordeal just to tick off the final 30 kilometres… That’s why I’ve had a second dinner, albeit not a very good one.

As for where I’m staying; the hotel owner may not appreciate the smell of damp clothes I’m leaving behind.

Numbers from today:

Distance: 97.23miles / 156.5km

Riding time: 6:08:30

Av. speed: 15.8mph / 25.3kph

Av temperature: -0.1 degree



  1. Wow Tom, at this rate you will be catching up with my friends on route to NZ, they recently sailed across the Caspian Sea, but got delayed with a failed bottom bracket, though after 180 mile detour, bracket now resolved and pedalling onwards. Watch how you go. Cheers Fraser


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