Thank You!

This page was written in 2014 – before I set off on my trip. I am leaving it unedited, but I have far more people to thank now…

This trip has required a large amount of planning and kit-buying and I have a fair few people who I need to thank for helping me in one area or another. This list will continue to grow I’m sure and I’d like to point out that I’m in no way obliged to thank these people, I genuinely mean it and I’ll do anything I can to give them the credit they deserve for all the work they’ve put in on my behalf.

So in no particular order:

All the guys at Condor and in particular Julian, Mindy, Mat, Jaz and Angel – Condor have made and built the beauty of a bike that I’m going to be riding. (It’s a condor Fratello in case anyone was interested). They’ve also provided a large amount of the kit/equipment that I’m taking with me. Julian sorted out the bike build and Angel has been fantastic in helping me with pretty much every Me and Angelother aspect of cycling related equipment/advice. I’d be at a complete loss without his help

Athlete Lab and everyone working there – Athlete Lab is a cycling gym with branches in London, Sydney and Singapore. They use real, but adjustable bikes that give an accurate reflection of what riding really feels like. Along side this they are able to calculate your power, cadence, heart rate and control the resistance of the turbo to represent a change in gradient. Coupled with extremely welcoming and knowledgeable staff, this is the ideal place to get in some training if you’re pushed for time or don’t fancy the winter weather. Personally I have my own indoor trainer but going to Athlete Lab has provided a great change in environment and really helped motivate me for this challenge. Take a look at their website here:

Simon France – For all your help and advice regarding security and technology such as trackers, sat phones and solar chargers. Furthermore, you provided me with a much needed training ride down to Chichester.

Mike Elson and Vittoria – Being extremely welcoming right off the bat, and being one of the most positive people I’ve come across. The Vittoria tyres are also brilliant and perfect for some rather dodgy roads I’ll no doubt see a lot of.

Bence Bujaki and Cadence workshop/cafe – A bike maintenance class which I’d probably be nowhere without. Check out the website for Cadence here: a great place to stop for a coffee, service your bike or pretty much anything cycling related.

Fraser Ranson and Showers Pass – Showers Pass are responsible for providing me with pretty much all my wet-weather gear and I have to say that it’s extremely high quality. They tend to use eVent fabric for water-proofing over the more well known Gore-Tex and from my experience it’s definitely as good if not better; very lightweight and breathable whilst being completely water proof. Special thank you to Fraser for assisting me with kit choices and giving lots of useful advice. Well worth a look:

Dave Beazer – For providing help in pretty much every area of planning and for helping with this website. Hopefully his input will continue, so if my writing suddenly gets better (or more wacky); it’s probably him! He’s also provided me with a load of films to watch when I’m stuck in a tent in the middle of nowhere

Tomas Quinones and Ride With GPS – Ride With GPS are where I have planned all my routes for this trip. I’ll no doubt continue to use it daily once I start. The software is great and really user friendly; well worth a look if you’re planning any trips, short or long and wherever in the world. Take a look here:

Ortlieb and Calvin of Ghyllside Cycles – Calvin provided much needed guidance early on in the planning process

Jim Dale of British Weather Services – Without whom I wouldn’t have had any idea as to which way to go round and I may well have hit India in monsoon season

Track 24 – Ross mackenzie has been a great source of advice and help on the security/tracking front. Track 24 are responsible for providing much needed electronic equipment and advice on how to use it, as well as providing a web platform which will hopefully enable live tracking on my way round.

Ultra Light Outdoor Gear – I’ve bought several products from them, including my MSR tent and they have all been extremely helpful with advice. Link here:

Josephine Fisher – Jo has been lucky enough to give me a large number of my vaccinations. However on top of this, she’s provided me with a lot of useful advice and medical equipment. And considering I’ve come off my bike twice in the last month or so, I may well need to patch myself up at some point.

Strictly CC – Strictly is a cycling team I’ve ridden with for the past few years and without them, I can honestly say I would not be the standard I am today and this trip would appear even more ambitious. Thanks very much for looking after me guys

Sarah Davies– Has provided much needed advice on stretching and nurturing my impossibly tight hamstrings. I’m sure I’ll be very grateful after a few consecutive days in the saddle!

All those at Hornsby House Primary School – I have been working at Hornsby House for the first school term. Not only has the school given me an opportunity to earn some much needed cash but everyone has been so supportive of what I’m proposing to do. Many thanks for all your best wishes

Mum & Dad – Quite frankly the two people I genuinely could not have done this without. From unrelenting moral support to necessary financial support despite the fact that they are probably more than a bit worried. As well as this Mum has been responsible for sorting all my visas and flights (through STA travel) and Dad has helped plan the route which you’ll be able to look at here: The Route, as well as e-mailing numerous people to drum up support/advice, something I probably should have done myself.

Without the people on this list, what I’m going to try and do would be completely out of the question. And one final thank you to all those who have already given me support, it really does mean a lot.

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