The Route

The route consists of just over 18,000 miles, and includes 17 countries and 4 continents. The route has changed somewhat over the last few months due to politics/parental concerns, visas and weather but I should be able to stick to this current one. I have written a fairly detailed itinerary here: Itinerary. This gives an idea of the countries and cities/towns/villages I’ll be passing through. Please note, the ETA for each place could vary quite significantly depending on how lost I get when my Garmin/phone run out of battery.

In addition to this, there should be an image up in the next few days showing the route and the links below will take you to a fully interactive version of the route, if you’d prefer a more visual reference. These routes and maps were made on RidewithGPS which I thoroughly recommend for any cyclist, walker or even driver as it’s been essential and very user friendly when planning my routes.

Interactive map – Leg 1 (London to Istanbul): //

Interactive map – Leg 2 (Mumbai to Kolkata): //

Interactive map – Leg 3 (Mandalay to Ho Chi Minh): //

Interactive map – Leg 4 (Bangkok to Singapore): //

Interactive map – Leg 5 (Perth to Brisbane): //

Interactive map – Leg 6 (Dunedin to Auckland): //

Interactive map – Leg 7 (San Fransisco to Boston): //

Interactive map – Leg 8 (Lisbon to London)://

One more thing, if anyone has any contacts that might be useful to me along the route I would be very grateful to receive them; I can’t promise that I’ll be able to make contact, but having someone to call in the event of an emergency or just for some advice on where I can pick up a 3000 calorie meal or stay overnight will be a massive help to me! Feel free to contact me on my email ( or one of my parents (;

And if you (or one of your contacts) happen to live somewhere along the way, feel free to come out for a ride and drag me along, that will also make me a very happy guy 🙂
And if neither of those apply to you, well just enjoy looking at the (pretty) pictures!



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  2. Tom, I am really inspired and awe-struck by what you did. Simply amazing. Cycling for 6 and half months, touring around the world is no easy task at all. Great !


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