Day 113 – Timaru to Christchurch

Unfortunately today was not that exciting. I spent the day on a busy, and mostly flat road. The views of yesterday didn’t feature and I spent the majority of the latter half riding into the wind.

Apart from that, it was fine. Having my Dad with me makes things considerably easier and I’ve had a very relaxed evening without any of the usual stress. I even fell asleep before dinner which is not something I’ve done on many occasions.

The only real talking point of today is that I went over New Zealand’s longest bridge, which was about as impressive as Manu Tuilagi’s disciplinary record.

Dinner this evening was at an ‘authentic’ french restaurant. It was fairly decent considering it is 19,000 kilometres away from the country it is trying to imitate.

Sorry this is so short, there really isn’t anything else to mention… only slightly awesome…

Distance: 103.1 miles / 165.9 km
Riding Time: 7:09:24
Av. Speed: 14.4 mph / 23.2 kph

4 Replies to “Day 113 – Timaru to Christchurch”

  1. Nothing wrong with slightly awesome. I have managed to see the map of your route, being trying for months one the IPad, should have tried the laptop sooner, really clever the details available on these things, I presume you have the same sort of detail on some gizmo on the your bike, really is awesome to the likes of me who was still using A-Z until recently. Tom, if your not sure what an A-Z is, ask your dad, he might recall. Get a good nights sleep.


  2. Tom your dad wouldn’t know what an A -Z is, he lets your mum do the navigation or gets someone else to drive.


  3. Great work Thomas, well done. Glad you are you are finding your father’s company as soporific as the rest of us, and I hope your “social headwind” doesn’t hold you up. Go well tomorrow, Will.


  4. West coast of the South Island is the more scenic route. Perhaps next time you cycle round the world you could go that way???


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