Day 112 – Dunedin to Timaru – Start of Leg 6

I’ve got to keep this short as I’ve already written the Australia summary thingy this evening and I’m losing sleep.

As a tribute to New Zealand and it’s people, I’m going to overuse the word ‘Awesome’… when in Rome…

This morning was awesome. Riding out of Dunedin (and up a long steep climb) at sunrise was pretty spectacular. In the first 40km I climbed 750m (which is a lot) and the hills offered some awesome scenery.

The day got progressively flatter and slightly more boring but it was still awesome. Having my Dad with me has been great. Despite the distance, the day felt fairly straightforward so I hope that continues throughout New Zealand.

My knee pain was still there but it has already improved a huge amount so things are looking up! It’s actually not that long until I’ll be in the States…


Distance: 124.1 miles / 199.7 km
Riding Time: 8:45:06
Av. Speed: 14.2 mph / 22.8 kph

3 Replies to “Day 112 – Dunedin to Timaru – Start of Leg 6”

  1. Well I might as well add to the awesome brigade. Tom I imagine the rate you are going NZ will be a blink and you will be through it, so in advance of you hitting the USA west coast, I have looked at your anticipated route and it looks like your going to be veering east of Portland. However if you do find yourself going through Portland then for sure Showers Pass would receive you with open arms. In the meantime enjoy NZ.


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