Day 104 – Batemans Bay to Wollongong

I was woken up this morning by what sounded like a hurricane and I wasn’t really looking forward to heading out on my bike. After putting on everything waterproof I could find, I didn’t really get a very early start. In fact, by the time I did get going, the wind (which would’ve been behind me) had died down and the rain seemed to have moved on.

It was still a bit wet, but after 30 kilometres of roasting under too many layers, I decided to take off my waterproof trousers. That’s the first time I’ve worn them since Europe and I only did so in the hope that they would stop water getting in through the top of my shoe covers. I don’t really mind the rain except for when my feet get wet. I’ve mentioned that before but I feel like 6 hours a day in wet socks is probably the right way to go about getting trench foot….or maybe something slightly less dramatic, but still.

Predictably, the rain started again not long after and continued for the majority of the remaining 130 kilometres. This meant that today’s ride will not be remembered for the right reasons. On a scale of 1 to 10, (1 being equivalent to riding through Europe in Winter and 10 being somewhere sunny that isn’t India) I’d say it was about 4.

On the plus side, my bike seems to be feeling better. Not sure why as I didn’t do anything to fix the issue but I’m not complaining. This evening has also been fairly good. It turns out the Crossfit Pacific regional is taking place about 10 kilometres away so I’m sharing a motel with a fair few people who’ve come to watch that. Anyway, I was invited to join a couple of others for dinner which made a really nice change. Speaking to a friend last night, she asked me if it feels weird eating dinner on my own. To be honest I haven’t even thought anything of it since the first week but I guess to people who have remained in civilisation for the last 3 months, it may stand out a bit more.

(Oh, and anyone who isn’t familiar with Crossfit, it’s worth looking up – unless you have no interest in sport; in which case maybe you could look up ‘Blackbutt’ and let me know how anyone could possibly think it is an ok name to give to a town. If you do research that though; do so with caution.)

Shorter ride into Sydney tomorrow where I’ll meet some friends and family, so looking forward to that. It’s made the last 4 days fairly easy with that so close on the horizon.

Distance: 112.5 miles / 181.1km
Riding Time: 8:06:37
Av. Speed: 13.9 mph / 22.3 kph
Elevation Gain: 1933m

2 Replies to “Day 104 – Batemans Bay to Wollongong”

  1. Hi Tom, I am thrilled to hear you are on your way into Sydney (one of me favourite cities – but to visit, not live, which I did for 4 years for Uni). But disappointed you have struck so much rain in ojr autumn when we mostly have sunny. Great job going around the coast!


  2. Sydney, Tom you must have travelled almost the furthest point West to East in the land of Aus, again many fond memories of my short time in Sydney. You keep mentioning these places that brings it all back, what I can not get my head around is the fact that you are doing it under your own steam with a small amount of rubber rolling along the tarmac, unbelievable.


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