Day 99 – Queenscliff to Mirboo North

Today started by saying goodbye to two thirds of my ‘escort’. Richard and Ray: thank you so much for the support (moral and physical) it’s really made the last few days pass with ease…which I wouldn’t have expected considering some of the weather. Hopefully, following me wasn’t too boring – I really do appreciate it!

After that, I had to get a ferry from Queenscliff to Sorento. The crossing was fairly hassle-free but it did mean that I didn’t start riding until 10 o’clock. Despite a dull morning, the weather got better and better, and after a few hours there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. It was still pretty cold but it made a nice change from getting wet every hour.

The scenery for the second half of the ride turned out to be very similar to much of the countryside in Britain. Green, rolling hills made pleasant viewing and paired with the cold, it felt very much like riding at home.

The landscape offered up a few challenging climbs that I had not been expecting; luckily the legs felt good today and I enjoyed – rather than endured – the inclines. I feel as though the late start gave my legs an extra few hours of recovery time which really made a difference… On the other hand, that could be a load of rubbish and today I was just lucky.

Not long before the end of today I saw my first wombat. I’ve been told they’re pretty indestructible and I can see why. Ok, this one was actually dead; but even on its back it looked extremely solid. I reckon there’s a truck somewhere with a very large dent in it.

Distance: 101.5 miles / 163.3 km
Riding Time: 6:32:37
Av. Speed: 15.5 mph / 25.0 kph

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