Day 41 – Puducherry to Chennai

I don’t think I really did yesterday justice when I wrote about it… It was probably the most relaxed I’ve been since a week in Italy last summer and it has put me in a very good mood. But more importantly, I wanted to elaborate on the point that probably disappointed some of the males reading this. I’d like to reiterate that my response to the offer of a drink was not influenced by the following days ride and that I would have still taken to my bed had I been in London. This may seem insignificant but it’s important to me that I don’t become completely absorbed by this challenge and still have time to enjoy myself. I was just very very tired; so please don’t think less of me! Another thing I didn’t mention yesterday was that I saw a dog get hit by a car. It wasn’t killed and after a couple of minutes it was walking about again. I realise this isn’t the happiest tale but the reason I bring it up is because I found it odd how completely normal all the locals seemed to find it. Most of them didn’t even look up despite the racket the dog was making… The driver certainly didn’t think twice.

Anyway, back to today. I had a shorter day lined up so that I could take full advantage of the nice hotel and a buffet breakfast – which was fantastic. It was the first proper breakfast I’ve had since leaving Mumbai and it’s made me realise that I’m probably eating quite a lot less than I was in Europe.

I set out with the aim of having only one stop. It was a bit ambitious but didn’t matter anyway because I had to stop for water sooner than expected. Regardless, it was still a fairly quick ride and another fairly early finish. There was a bit of a tailwind, but it was mostly blowing across me today. I think I’m getting faster, and it’s boosted my mood the last few days. (hope I haven’t spoken too soon there) Today has been another really good day.

I have about 10 days riding left in India and they’re going to be hard, so it was important to relax a bit. I was about to comment on the fact that I’m in another fairly nice hotel, but just as I’m writing this paragraph, the pub turned night club downstairs has put on a song with some very heavy bass… not what I want right now. I don’t have much else to say about today so instead some travel advice: Puducherry was nice (from what I saw) and well worth a visit if you come to India.

Today’s Ride:
Distance: 85.24miles / 137.2km
Riding Time: 5:24:16
Av. Speed: 15.8mph / 25.3kph

3 Replies to “Day 41 – Puducherry to Chennai”

  1. It’s funny when you think about it, here you are many miles away and yet your up to the minute commentary arrives in my lap just like that. I think back 30 odd years and reflect on my backpacking days, I was lucky to make a phone back to the UK once in a long while. Technology is brilliant when you stop and think about it, we’re very lucky in many respects, shame we just seem to take it all so much for granted these days. You seem to be making phonominal progress, I was wondering if you have managed to maintain your body weight.

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  2. How true Fraser. In my backpacking days, the 198xxxxxxx somethings, I had to plan about 4 weeks ahead, to write a letter, find somewhere to post it home, allow time for my mum to write back, and for her to post it to where I thought I was going to have moved on to, and ensuring that I wasn’t late otherwise the Poste Restante would return the letter!! Then if I could really afford it I might buy a phone card and sit in some scummy booth in a main post office, and try to call home at a not too unreasonable time of day. Oh those were the days……………but we were happy!!


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