Day 40 Velankanni to Puducherry

Despite a breakfast of just biscuits, I set off in a good mood, aiming for an early finish.  I had a decent hotel lined up, courtesy of my parents and was eager to get there as soon as possible.

There was little wind to start with and I made very good progress.  I ate on the bike (more biscuits and crisps) and cycled through instead of stopping as normal.  I hit some bad traffic at one point, but other than that, the first 2 hours went by easily.  I was aiming to stop at 60 kilometres for the first break but a brother and sister on a motorbike were most interested in me and I ended up going past that distance whilst talking to them.   By the time they headed onwards I was approaching 65 km and I thought that I might as well cycle until 70 km as I was still feeling good.   The two were very friendly although I have noticed that a lot of Indians seem to have great difficulty pronouncing my name… Seriously?  I don’t think it could be any more simple but the most common one I get is “Som”.

The ride was fairly similar all day.  The wind kept changing but was more or less in my favour.  I only stopped twice and pedalled quickly making today my earliest finish and a very good ride.  The only downsides were leaving my credit card at last night’s hotel and the fact that a rash has formed where my gym shorts overlap my cycling shorts.  It’s not painful but it is something I could do without!

Since arriving at the hotel I have had a brilliant and extremely relaxing afternoon, although as per usual I have left it too late to write this and I am absolutely knackered.  To put this into context, I actually just turned down an offer to go for a drink with two Indian girls.  Probably not my smartest move but I am genuinely about to pass out.

Quick summary of this afternoon: showered, explored Puducherry a bit which is quite nice, saw an elephant, had a pizza, went for a swim, had dinner…and that’s pretty much it!

Oh and for dinner I had beef. I was more than a bit surprised to see it on the menu and thought that it would be insane to miss the opportunity.  A cow nearly ran into me today and almost caused some very dirty cycling shorts, so I just see it as revenge.

Today has been a very good day…


Distance: 100.13 miles / 161.1 km

Riding time: 6:19:13

Av. Speed: 15.8mph / 25.4 km/h

7 Replies to “Day 40 Velankanni to Puducherry”

  1. Tom, keep your eyes off the ladies and concentrate on the job in hand, plenty time for ladies when the job is done, enjoy your sleep.


  2. Great work Thomas, love your commitment to the cause, ignoring any distracting temptations in your quest for ultimate success. Must have picked that one up off yer father. Go well tomorrow, Will.


  3. Tom keep the tshirt to frame in the future to remind you of your trip. It would also be a great momento if you got people to sign it as you went along with a perma pen. You could get a new Tshirt for each region? X


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