Day 32 – Murudeshwar to Mangalore

I hit 3000miles today. So I only have to do what I’ve done, 5 more times… Although I’m really hoping to find a happy medium on the temperature front at some point!

Once again not all that much happened today. The driving definitely has got worse. There are significantly more vehicles on the wrong side of the road and some of the overtakes I’ve seen really do make me wonder about the legitimacy of the Indian driving test.

For the last couple of days, around 4/5 o’clock – when the schools finish; there are a lot of kids/teenagers about the towns on their way home. This creates havoc with the traffic but offers a huge number of smiling and waving people to cheer me up. There are also a few who cycle home, and the more foolish of these often decide to try and race me. Now a lot of you would probably tell me to rise above it – but let’s be honest, that’s never going to happen. I generally try to humour them for a bit, but not for too long – it’s always fun to gradually speed up with a smile on your face until they realise they’ve bitten off more than they can chew. So that always amuses me..

But I digress, the pain I’ve had in my hands is mostly gone and has been replaced by my feet. I think it’s a similar problem in that they’re used to thicker socks. I also had a bit of a headwind today but nothing too bad. Once again, the most interesting part of the day has been this evening. I’m staying on a very nice beach and I took full advantage of that when I arrived. I am now a bit late to bed though hopefully I won’t lose too much sleep; waking up has been a struggle for the last few days.

Numbers and things:

Distance: 106.21miles / 170.9km

Riding Time: 7:09:37

Av. Speed: 14.8mph / 23.8kph

7 Replies to “Day 32 – Murudeshwar to Mangalore”

  1. Tom, I think you have quite a fan club, news travels fast out there,they love to see something different and you are certainly that. Look after yourself and take care. Love from Grandma & Granddad.


  2. If you get the chance looking at the Top Gear You tube clip on the Indian driving test (or lack of). It might explain a lot.
    When it gets too hot just remember how nice the snow was or think of a swim at the end of the day.
    Well done on 3000 miles.


  3. Hi Thomas, we’re loving hearing about the Indian leg. I’m sure the heat must be tough to cycle in, but coming from grey and cold England it seems rather appealing! The roads and the drivers sound like they’re enough to keep you on your toes during the day, but glad the people are friendly. Enjoy your beach tonight!
    Love The Smiths


  4. Well done with the over 3000 miles now.. Love reading the blog and even made me get a journal and log about my first attempts at crit races.
    Also got me thinking about an epic trip to not around the world.. Glasgow to Edinburgh ,Cardiff then London.. G2ECL or G to 3Capitals. So thanks for the inspiration tho Mrs might not thank you when I start buying the kit haha.
    Look forward to more of your adventures


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