Day 31 – Benaulim to Murudeshwar

I have now done a month’s worth of cycling…it feels a lot longer!

Today was long and it is now later than normal so this will have to be quick… In view of that, I guess it’s quite convenient that not much really happened today: the driving got a bit worse (if that is possible) and I did have to go off-road a couple of times in order to avoid being all too involved in a couple of risky overtakes.

I have also realised that bridges generally offer up some very good views.  Unfortunately, they generally do not offer a very good place to stop to take a picture.

The most exciting part of today has been this evening.  Murudeshwar is home to a very big temple and a very big (I think the biggest in the world) statue of Shiva.  All very good to look at and I did manage to get a few photos, although they won’t be up for a while as internet connection is hard to come by.

That’s pretty much it really.  So in summary: long and not that exciting, although it is India so I didn’t get bored!

Ride stats:

Distance: 117.5 miles / 189.1 km

Riding Time: 8:05:30

Av. speed: 14.5 mph / 23.4 km/h

PS: Chris, in answer to your FB post, I would love for you to be my life coach.  I think after this trip I may need a bit of guidance…

6 Replies to “Day 31 – Benaulim to Murudeshwar”

  1. Tom, I was reading yesterday’s post and so looked up Benaulim. Admittedly only on Google, Trip Advisor and Thomson Holidays.
    My view, albeit born of sitting in an office on a grey London afternoon is that Benaulim is just a tad better than “OK”. People are willing to sit on a charter flight for 10 hours to get there. All you’ve had to do is cycle all day, every day for the last month!
    I am so jealous you cannot believe. Enjoy and be careful.
    Neil etc.


  2. Tom, I really don’t know how you are banging away at 100 plus miles a day and still able to take in so much of your surroundings, must be a young brain thing. I thought your socks and sandles looked fab, and even more so the paving detail, no chewing gum stuck all over it, nice one.

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