Day 22 – Kastoria to Aetos

It was always the plan to have two short days yesterday and today.. This was not quite what I had in mind. It was snowing all through the night so when I got going this morning I was pleased to see that it hadn’t settled on the roads.

The temperature was about -3 degrees and I had a headwind though so it wasn’t easy. I just kept telling myself today was a short day and I didn’t get too bothered. After about 10km I hit a climb and by the top it was -7 and the snow had started to settle. It wasn’t very pleasant but cold I can handle. The problem came as I descended the other side.

The snow on the road got thicker and thicker until it was a struggle to ride. The road then changed direction and the wind that had been hitting me in the face, turned to a crosswind. When this happened I could barely stay upright. The wind was blowing me over and I had next to no grip on the icy roads. I had to put my foot down a couple of times in order to stop myself completely coming off.

After about a kilometre I pulled into a petrol station to try and figure out what to do. This is where the ride stopped. I sat there not really knowing what to do. After an hour or so and after a phone call back home I was convinced by the locals not to ride. The owner gave me a hot meal for free, which in hindsight was extremely generous. I don’t think I really appreciated it that much at the time as I was so frustrated. About 2 hours passed and after lots of Greek words I realised that I was being offered a lift to a hotel in the next village. I accepted the offer – although I had to wait another hour before the person arrived. I’m now sitting in a partially heated room not entirely sure about where my dinner is coming from.

Tomorrow – provided the roads are ok to ride on – I’m going to ride back to where I was driven from. It’s a bit of a pain but I couldn’t do this trip and know that I’ve skipped out a section in the middle. My mood is improving but today hasn’t been a great day..

Distance: 24miles / 39km (approx.)
Riding Time: 2:10:00 (approx.)

5 Replies to “Day 22 – Kastoria to Aetos”

  1. Keep positive Thomas – just think of Oddball in Kelly’s Heroes! Something good has got to be coming your way down the line … you certainly deserve it.


  2. Hey Thomas, Having seen you ski, I’ve no doubt you’ve made the right decision. Hope the weather improves and you can knock this day off tomorrow. Having seen the damage you did to the Currency as you’ve been passing through Euroland, the Greeks may not be too happy about your arrival. Take care and go well, Charlotte.


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