Day 21 – Pogradec to Kastoria

Today was a short day (relatively speaking) so I wasn’t in a rush this morning. I had a very good breakfast and got going about 9. In the first 2 kilometres I got chased by 4 dogs and found myself on another dirt road. Which slightly annoyed my as it got my bike dirty again despite cleaning it yesterday.

There was a steep climb away from Pogradec though which was good as it allowed me to put some effort in and clear my head. From the top of there I was in a pretty good mood. The weather was cold and dull but not raining and the prospect of a short day really helped.

The next 40km were pretty much flat and without a wind I was cruising along happily. Before I knew it I was onto the next climb and crossing the Greek border. I am so glad I got to see Albania, it’s been absolutely fascinating and probably the most interesting country yet; but it was only after entering Greece that I realised how tense I’ve been the whole time. I don’t really know why but for some reason I just felt incredibly relieved to get out (maybe it was to do with the dogs, I’m not sure).

The rest of the day was great. Despite losing an hour I was on for an early finish and I was in the best mood I’ve been in since sunny Croatia. I did get chased by one dog in Greece, but it wasn’t much bigger than a gerbil so I wasn’t too bothered. All the other dogs seemed typically Greek and didn’t really care.

Since arriving, I haven’t really done much except eat and I’m hopefully on my way to an early night. It’s snowing now, which isn’t great. But I have another short day tomorrow so I won’t be rushing to leave. Apparently the sun rises an hour later now anyway so I can use that as an excuse…

Feeling better about this one:
Distance: 67.89miles / 109.3km
Riding Time: 4:35:03
Av. Speed: 14.8mph / 23.8kph

3 Replies to “Day 21 – Pogradec to Kastoria”

  1. Tom, you seem to have an affiliation with all these dogs, what you got hanging out if your panniers, pedigree chum or something. We are off this week to the London Excel for the Bike Show, expecting to be busy. I will be telling folk about your crusade. Cheers Fraser

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  2. One of the many reasons I find dogs a real pain. You’re being very polite about them, I think I would have been tempted to just give them a good kick!!


  3. Hang in there Tom, by my workings (made during a particularly boring Monday lunchtime) you not only have three or four more days to Istanbul but the forecast (after today) whilst chilly is at least sunny.
    Just think of the warmth that awaits you in India….


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