Day 13 – Correzzola to Monfalcone

It was sunny this morning which was nice, although obviously still cold. For some reason though I couldn’t get the thought of how far I have left to cycle out of my head and it really weighed me down whilst getting ready to leave. It’s moments like this where insignificant things really irritate me. For instance this morning, the fact that my phone was on 99% and not 100 really pissed me off. No clue why, I think I may be going insane. (Don’t worry I’m fine now)

Once I did leave though, I felt good. The sun was out and as far as I could tell there was no wind. As it turns out I actually had a tailwind. I know this because after 2km the road changed direction and I was hit with a headwind… Unfortunately for me, the road didn’t change back and I was stuck with a headwind for the remaining 160km.

That is the general summary of today: headwind.

Apparently I went quite close to Venice, but I was on a busy road and I couldn’t see it… so that was a shame – so I’m told anyway. It did however remain sunny all day which helped significantly with my mood.

I spent a lot of today reciting lines from Django Unchained which I watched on my sick day. I guess you never know what your mind will turn to when you have 7 and half hours in the saddle and no hint of speed to think about. Very good film mind – thoroughly recommend it! I think the speed (or lack of) was the hardest part of the day really; just having to accept the fact that I was going nowhere fast and that it was going to be a long day.

Food today consisted of a very large amount of Jelly Beans, cake slices I’d taken from breakfast and lunch in a pizzeria that didn’t serve pizza.

Overall, today wasn’t actually too bad; just long and tiring. I’m now in a good mood and am able to eat properly again. Not entirely sure what to expect from tomorrow. France attacked my knee, Italy attacked my stomach… I wonder if Croatia will be kind!

This was not a fast one:
Distance: 100.80miles / 162.2km
Riding Time: 7:33:33
Av. Speed: 13.3mph / 21.4kph
Wind Status: bloody annoying

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