Day 12 – Cannot Sull’Oglio to Correzzola

I woke up this morning feeling pretty good. I’d had about 9 hours sleep and I think that made a big difference. My breakfast was brought to my room by the lovely B&B owner and I was pleased to discover that I could eat fairly normally. I didn’t feel 100% but I managed to get a decent breakfast in me and this put me in a pretty good mood to start with. Despite a 7:30 breakfast and being feeling keen to get on the bike, I still didn’t manage to leave till 9. At which point the owner was nowhere to be seen. So Roberta, if you are somehow reading this – I left the money on the table – hopefully you don’t think I did a runner.

Anyway, once out, it was cold and pretty miserable again but the wind had changed direction for the better. This made a huge difference and pretty much meant today was a very good day. I’m finding it a bit weird how quickly my mood changes. Yesterday I was wondering why on Earth I was doing this trip, and today I was loving riding my bike. Just got to stay strong on the harder days I guess!

It didn’t bother me today but the scenery was still pretty boring; except for one town called Montagnana. I didn’t get any pictures I’m afraid, it was a bit cold to stop, but it was nice. If you’re really interested in knowing what it looked like, type it into google. It’s probably not quite worth a visit as there’s nothing else around there!

Other topics of the day: I’ve come to the conclusion that there are an obscene amount of roundabouts in Italy and I was wondering if they’d only recently been introduced? Partly because the novelty clearly hasn’t worn off – hence why the government is plonking them everywhere; but also because it’s quite clear that a large portion of the population hasn’t quite got to grips with the concept yet. Thankfully most of the drivers here are very good towards cyclists so I don’t have too much trouble but I’ve seen some pretty close calls between other cars.

I’m now staying in a converted monastery, but it’s dark outside now so once again, I’m sorry there’s no picture. Hopefully I’ll manage to eat a bit more tonight.

In summary: today was a good day, hopefully tomorrow will follow suit!

Today’s Ride
Distance: 96.60miles / 155.5km
Riding Time: 6:05:46
Av. Speed: 15.8mph / 25.5kph

4 Replies to “Day 12 – Cannot Sull’Oglio to Correzzola”

  1. Great news Tom. It’s important to focus on and remember the positives. Enjoy the little successes and hopefully this will carry you through the harder times. When times are tougher remember that there are loads of people willing you on and marvelling at your achievements! Kia Kaha (Maori for ‘be strong’).


  2. Hey Thomas , sounds like my wife’s been cooking for you. Hang on in there and enjoy the sunshine when it comes. On another matter, the Euro has weakened dramatically for every day you have been in the Eurozone. Coincidence?
    Have a great day tomorrow.
    Will and the kids. (Not Charlotte approved)

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  3. Tom I’m so impressed with what you are achieving. David went for a ride with Jeremy Siddiqui round Richmond/Kingston yesterday and managed the same average speed you did on the day you were feeling really ill. And I bet you’re roads have got better hills! I’m telling all my friends and they think you’re a nutter. Keep at it. Mandy Brown

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