Week 13 – Tallinn

Whilst in Tallinn, I spent a disproportionate amount of time in my hotel room – specifically, my bed. I’ve talked before (week 5) about how important rest and recovery is as an ‘athlete’. So, between arriving on the Tuesday evening and the race on the Saturday, my plan was to avoid as much unnecessary exertion as possible. I went for a ride to loosen my legs and recon the course, but I didn’t see much of the city until the two days following the Ironman – when I could hardly walk.

Thankfully, Tallinn isn’t actually very big, and I still managed to cover most of it in the short time that I had. I really enjoyed just strolling around the old town, although I do think we got lucky with the crowds since it was the end of the summer and there was a world-wide pandemic happening.

We climbed the bell tower of the town hall (not something that my legs thanked me for), but I think I’d struggle to point to anything else specific that stood out. If you’ve followed my blog in the past, you’ll know that waxing lyrical about the joys of exploring a new city is not a forte of mine… so I can only apologise.

We rented electric scooters on the following day, and they were amazing. Although I’m not sure I’d recommend using them somewhere like London, they’re becoming more and more prominent, and with good reason. Not only were my legs grateful of the rest, but they allow you to cover a lot of distance and they’re much cheaper than taxis. Also, they’re good fun.

Below are some pictures of the city that I posted on my Instagram a couple of weeks ago. It’s not big, but I’m really glad I’ve been to see Tallinn. The food was great everywhere we went and the people were all very friendly (in a very non-British kind of way).

Would recommend for a short visit.


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