Day 142 – Minot to Devils Lake

Today was the first rain I’ve had in America.. I think it was anyway, the last couple of weeks are beginning to blur together but it was the first time I’ve needed a jacket. Now although I am now out of the 40 degree heat, today still wasn’t cold and I found myself facing a bit of a dilemma in terms of dressing. I opted to stay dry and get hot, so today was the first time in the States I didn’t wear shorts. To be honest, (as I have mentioned in the past) I don’t really mind getting wet until it gets to my feet.. Which it did within about a minute. I ended up getting too hot and too wet.

After 40 miles or so I stopped to grab some food and thankfully the rain stopped as well. After I had taken my jacket and leggings off (obviously I had shorts underneath..) I felt much better about things. Not really sure why but the ride just became a lot more enjoyable; despite there being a crosswind – this time from the North.

The next 60 miles passed fairly easily and without incident; except for being attacked by a bird. I often have birds flying over me making a racket (probably when I’m in their ‘territory’ or whatever) but today one of them made a dive at me. Luckily I saw it coming and ducked, but I did not appreciate the gesture. If I hadn’t moved, he probably would have gone straight into my helmet (no Chris, not that one…) and ended up a lot worse than me.

The final 20 miles went by really quickly. Big thank you to Steve who joined me for that distance, it was really good to meet you and I really appreciated the company.

Gutted I couldn’t watch the Tour today, I was following it whilst riding and it sounded like a great race. That was one thing that helped take my mind off the rain this morning. I’m hoping for a slightly less wet day tomorrow..

Distance: 118.9miles / 191.4km
Riding Time: 7:40:25
Av. Speed: 15.5mph / 24.9kph

2 Replies to “Day 142 – Minot to Devils Lake”

  1. Sounds like a full on day, all weathers, birds attacking you, stop for a bite of lunch and all that going on whilst you listened to the Tour. Just a typical Sunday then. At the rate your going you could be leading the Tour next year.


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