Day 138 – Roundup to Forsyth

Today didn’t really hold much of anything. It has been another early finish but that is almost entirely down to the fact that there was nothing to stop for. Apart from a few clusters of deserted buildings I didn’t pass anything.

There was a lot of low-lying cloud today so mercifully, the temperature didn’t reach the same heights as yesterday. This worked out especially well as I had to carry water for the whole day today and thankfully I was never in danger of running out.

To be honest, today almost felt even emptier than the Nullarbor. Probably down to the lack of cars but even so, that is not something I expected. I have also realised that this is the furthest I have been from the sea for the entire trip.

Changing the subject – it has been brought to my attention that my wildlife updates have been pretty non-existent of late, so for those interested.. I saw quite few a Pronghorn Antelopes today but that is about it. Although I did see a couple of rabbits when I stopped briefly to fill up water bottles. I don’t think they had encountered many people before as they let me get really close before running away.

I’m afraid I can’t really think of anything else to say. The wind kept changing today which was a bit frustrating but other than that, a boring but straightforward day

Distance: 102.2miles / 164.4km
Riding Time: 6:22:28
Av. Speed: 16.0mph / 25.8kph

2 Replies to “Day 138 – Roundup to Forsyth”

  1. You may have been bored but your pace was still good, up early myself, about to watch the ladies footie, thankfully the rest of the world are still in bed so nobody has managed to spoil anything by telling me the score. Just for the record I have already been out and put in my cycle ride, only an hour so guess that’s not really worth mentioning given the scheme of things. Enjoy you day / night


  2. Tom, Haven’t forgotten you , missed your company last week. Your daily reports looked forward to, sorry todays were only rabbits but at least they were recognisable. Love from Grandma & Granddad.


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