Day 136 – Helena to White Sulphur Springs

A shorter ride today… It’s amazing how much difference 25 miles can make. I finished not long after 2 o’clock this afternoon so I’ve actually spent more time doing nothing than I have riding today.

Over the course of this trip, I have discovered that I’m actually quite talented when it comes to resting, so provided I get into bed on time, I should be feeling relatively fresh tomorrow morning.

The ride itself wasn’t overly straightforward. It was predominantly uphill but I still felt good when I finished.

The only minor frustration were some roadworks. I have come across this already but it has become clear that Americans are useless at placing temporary traffic lights. Twice I encountered them today and both times, they had created about 2 miles of one-way traffic for roadworks that covered about 50 metres. Not only that, but I was made to wait with the cars… which is just stupid because I couldn’t cover the distance in one cycle of the lights anyway. It’s a bit different to Australia where I was more-or-less encouraged to ride into the oncoming traffic; and India… well traffic lights are obsolete there anyway so I wasn’t the only one jumping the queue.

Other than that, I don’t really have much to mention. I’m riding through a lot of empty space and it doesn’t feel like that is going to change any time soon.. It turns out Montana ranks 48th out of 50 states when it comes to population density, only bested by Wyoming and Alaska (North Dakota – the next state I’m going to – is 47th)

Distance: 74.7 miles / 120.2 km

Riding Time: 5:11:20

Av. Speed: 14.4 mph / 23.1 kph

One Reply to “Day 136 – Helena to White Sulphur Springs”

  1. So no mention of the dreaded wind today, so hopefully that means it was fairly neutral in regard to hindering or assisting you, so with any luck matters are on the turn. I would not feel guilty by the odd shorter day, 75 miles, I do that in my sleep, probably the only place I will do 75 miles. Be careful those battered fries might sit heavy on your stomach.


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