Day 134 – Thompson Falls to Missoula

I think America is trying to kill me…

Today started off fairly well. I was making good time and I had it in my mind to push for an early finish today so that I could get my wheel looked at without any time pressure.

The first 60 miles went very much to plan and I was enjoying the ride. At this point, I decided to stop and stock up on water as I wasn’t sure how many opportunities I would get further on. I ended up getting something to eat as well which I was a bit annoyed at myself for because I was fine for food and it delayed me a fair bit.

All I can say though, is that it’s lucky I stopped. I would have found myself in quite a lot of trouble had I not bought more water. I was running very low as it was by the time the next shop came around – 30 miles later. The distance wasn’t the problem, but the temperature hit new highs for the whole trip, I think coming very close to 44 degrees at its highest. The problem was accentuated by the fact that the sun stays almost directly above for a very long time; meaning that the very few trees that are around, offer next to no shade at all.

When I did make it to somewhere to buy liquid I ended up drinking a litre of Powerade in one go… Apparently even the drinks only come in large portions. I feel I was justified given the situation but honestly, America – that amount of sugar cannot be a good thing. Whilst it was probably what I needed, I did feel slightly unsettled for the remaining half hour.

Today was hot… that is pretty much all I will remember about it

Distance: 101.9miles / 164.0km
Riding Time: 6:52:59
Av. Speed: 14.8mph / 23.8kph

One Reply to “Day 134 – Thompson Falls to Missoula”

  1. That’s uncomfortably hot, but you are fit and your body will make the adjustments, just ensure you keep plenty fluid with you. If it makes you feel any better we are heading into a heatwave allegedly, giddy heights of almost 20 today, would have wiped us out had it not been for the wind. Seriously though, keep plenty fluid and I am sure you will be fine.


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